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Silence self doubt and unleash your creativity!

Are you ready to express your most creative self — minus the fear and self doubt? Help is on the way!

Banish Your Inner Critic will provide instant relief and lasting insight, showing you how to:

  • Identify and quiet the voice of self-sabotage in your head.
  • Master 3 power practices to transform how you relate to yourself and your creativity forever.
  • Overcome the fear of not knowing enough or not being original enough.
  • Free yourself from comparisons, overwhelm, and self-criticism.
  • Transform your self-talk into a tool for success.
  • Generate more ideas than ever before
  • Embrace your expertise and share your brilliance with the world.

Drawing on the latest in neuroscience, mindfulness practices, and self-compassion research, Banish Your Inner Critic helps you unblock your creativity and let your true talents shine.

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Portrait of Denise Jacobs, Writer + Speaker + Creativity Evangelist

Denise Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist who keynotes conferences and consults with tech companies worldwide. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she teaches game-changing techniques for busting through creative blocks, cultivating collaboration, and up-leveling productive creativity. She leads workshops and trainings that unlock creativity in individuals, teams, and workplaces. A web and tech industry veteran, Denise is the author of The CSS Detective Guide and co-author of the Smashing Book #3 1/3 and Interact with Web Standards. She is also the founder of Rawk The Web and the Head Instigator of The Creativity (R)Evolution.

“Every creative person I know, from designers to CEOs, suffers from the inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough, we’re not special enough, and darn it, nobody likes us. While a little humility is a good thing, too much self-doubt can keep you from achieving what you were put on earth to accomplish. Being your best, authentic self is the only way to fulfill your dreams and leave the world better than you found it. Denise Jacobs can guide you away from your self-imposed naysayers and set you on the path to achieving the serene self-confidence you deserve. Nobody charts this terrain better than she does.”

Jeffrey Zeldman, studio.zeldman and An Event Apart

“Banish Your Inner Critic: Great book! Easy to read and fun to use. Denise Jacobs has done a wonderful job of taking the complexity of self, and creating a system for each of us to access our creativity and release our creative power. Denise breaks down the inner critic into types and guides each reader through the process to access her distinctive creative self. Banish Your Inner Critic provides knowledge, insight, tools and practice for getting unstuck and expressing full creative potential. Plus, reading Denise’s book is like spending time with her, and she’s an inspiring delight.”

Rebecca Stockley, Co-Founder of BATS Improv in San Francisco CA,

“Banish Your Inner Critic is a must-read for everyone who has ever had self-doubt. As I read Denise’s book, my head nodded in agreement and heralded a whole heap of ‘ah-ha’ moments for me. This is Denise at her creative best. I encourage you, Dear Reader, to go deep to banish your inner critic!”

Kylie Hunt, Workplace, Productivity & Happiness Specialist

“As a freelance web designer, developer and content strategist, any block to my creativity reduces my capacity to produce top class work. Denise’s book showed me how I manufacture my own creative blocks and how to address that. Banish Your Inner Critic has become a vital part of my professional toolkit I go back to again and again.”

Ricky Onsman, Web Designer, Flyman Partners

“Creativity will be the universal skill of the future in both business and in life. Banishing your inner critic is an ability everyone will need to work on. Denise is a creativity coach, who goes deep into the reasons why we commonly think we are not creative. She then gives us real solutions for how to overcome those hurdles, and bring out the inner creative inside of us. If you are looking to rekindle your creative instinct, have I got the book for you!”

Jason Cranford Teague, Futurist Author & Speaker

“There is an Inner Critic in all of us and it may be the thing that is stopping us from reaching our full creative potential. In this delightful book, Denise openly shares her own struggles with self-criticism, making us feel like we aren’t alone. She gives us permission to own it, the tools to get unblocked, and get on the path to a more creative self.”

Jessie Shternshus, Founder of The Improv Effect and Author of Ctrl Shift: 50 Games For 50 ****ing Days Like Today

“With creativity comes periods of self-judgment that cause anxiety or paralysis. For designers, there is always this critical voice inside that questions what we are doing from time to time. However, whether you are a creative professional or not, everyone has the potential to be creative. In this book, Denise Jacobs empowers readers to silence their inner critic and unlock their potential to be their best creative self.”

Andy Vitale, UX Design Principal, 3M Health Care

“Denise brings a practical approach to silencing the voice in your head determined to undermine your ability to work. Banish Your Inner Critic is a manual for finding the destination, direction, and drive to succeed at life. As a remote worker I frequently find myself with self-doubt and rampant imposter syndrome. I now have the tools to purge those blockers from my mind and be the creative person I know I am.”

Aaron Douglas, Mobile Software Lead Automattic (&

“It’s harder than ever to turn down the voices and channels vying for your attention; even when you do, you may find your own inner critic ready to thwart your creative efforts. But Denise Jacobs offers compassionate and practical guidance for overcoming those doubts, channeling your focus, and getting down to creating.”

Kate O’Neill, founder of KO Insights and author of Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces

“We are our own worst enemy and harshest critic when it comes to expressing ourselves. Fear holds us back from reaching our potential and gaining the recognition we deserve. That is why I am so excited about Denise’s book. Banish Your Inner Critic is the book I have been waiting for. A book I believe will inspire a new generation to step out of the shadows and shine.”

Paul Boag, author of User Experience Revolution

“If you’re a creative and struggle with your inner critic, Denise Jacobs will move you.”

Chad White, @thechaddesigner 

“Honest talk from Denise Jacobs about fear, how it affects the creative process, and how to banish the inner critic.”

Jeff Eaton, @eaton 

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